Ohio maple syrup—tapping tradition to deliver pure, quality products

old black and white photo from Bissell Sugar Camp

Bissell Maple

Our brand is produced in small batches from select maple trees, resulting in a distinct maple flavor. Our name—our syrup.

maple candies

Rock Creek Sugarworks

We source local Ohio maple syrup that we blend into high-quality, specialty maple products to package and distribute. Rock Creek Sugarworks, established in 2014, is a project created to market maple syrup from the Great Lakes region. This brand is comprised of maple syrup made from farmers, schoolteachers, firefighters, engineers, retirees, families—people like you.

Bourbon barrel aged maple syrup

Sugar Chalet

We honor the craft of two classic American traditions: maple syrup and bourbon. We age our maple syrup in bourbon barrels from a local micro-distillery until perfection.

Bissell Maple Farm is your source for pure, natural maple syrup and products, made in Ohio's Maple Country.

The Bissell family maple heritage goes back to the 1800s. Today, we honor tradition by using original recipes while incorporating advanced technology at our privately owned Rock Creek, Ohio, maple farm.

We promise high-quality maple products-rich, sweet maple syrup that pleases the palate. Our team of specialists includes a chemist, a biologist and a team of dedicated professionals who take pride in our product. We adhere to our maple craft roots, while employing the latest production technology. That's why Bissell Maple Farm is a trusted supplier of bulk maple syrups for wholesalers, specialty syrups for retailers and the food service industry, and favorite maple products that fill your home's cupboards. We're also a destination for mapleheads who can tour, taste and tap into maple culture during the annual Maple Madness tour.


Bissell Maple Farm offers maple syrup products to suit your wholesale, retail, specialty and home maple syrup needs. Our products are in stock year-round. Contact us today for tasting and pricing.