Bissell Sugarworks is a proprietor of pure maple syrup and maple products, including private label services. We take pride in our century-old heritage, and our experienced team is dedicated to preserving the craft of maple syrup production while adhering to strict quality standards for production, inspection and delivery. Our products are all natural and Kosher certified. We make and deliver every batch.

A Trusted Supplier.

Bissell Sugarworks buys quality farm-run maple syrup from local farms. We apply our quality-focused production processes and time-honored craftsmanship to produce pure, rich maple syrup and products. We serve as a buyer, packager and distributor, with the capability of providing high volume of maple syrup to food service businesses and specialty retailers.

Maple Heritage.

We've been maple syrup in Ohio for more than 100 years, and we're out there together on the farm collecting sap in early spring. Bissell Sugarworks is a trusted brand of Bissell Maple Farm.

Pure Craftsmanship.

Our team of specialists includes a chemist, a biologist and dedicated professionals who take pride in our product. We apply the latest technology for collecting and producing maple syrup and products. Retail grocers and wholesalers who demand large quantities can depend on Bissell Sugarworks to deliver.

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